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What to expect when you COME to worship…

  • We offer two very similar worship services at 8:45 and 11:15 a.m. on Saturday mornings. 


  • You can rightfully expect to be warmly welcomed.  1st and 2nd time guests receive gifts.


  • Both worship services are blended worship styles.  This means we creatively blend the old and the new.  The past informs the present.  So, you will hear (and hopefully sing along) classic Christian hymns, as well as more contemporary praise songs.  You will hear the organ one week and guitars the next. Our church is very diverse in every way, so we have a diverse worship style.  East Pasco Adventist Church has a lot of musical talent.  Thus, there is something for everyone. 


  • You can expect to hear a relevant biblical message each week.  God’s Word is life changing.  Likewise, you can expect to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our messages are meaningful.


  • You will be accepted for who you are.  There is no dress code.  You will see a wide variety of dress, from suits and ties to much more causal.  Sometimes people wear jeans.  We care about you, not what you wear.  We only want to impress Jesus.  Worship is about Him.   He is the audience.  We are the participants of worship.  Worship is a verb.


  • In worship, we do not focus on perfection but rather intent.  We try to do our very best in exalting and adoring Jesus in our worship.  He is worthy and He deserves our best.

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