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Seven Reasons Why You Should Seriously CONSIDER Becoming a Member

1. WE LOVE JESUS – He is our focus

2. We accept the whole Bible as the inspired Word of God

  • Old and New Testaments

  • Sabbath

  • Second Coming!


3. We are a very culturally diverse church family

  • You would fit in very nicely here

  • We will love and accept you unconditionally

  • Racially, ethnically, culturally, diverse but we are united in Jesus’ message and mission


4. We are not only friendly, but you can make friends here


5. We love to worship Jesus

  • Our worship services are blended

  • Strong biblical preaching


6. We are serious about God’s discipling-making mission (Matt. 28:18-20)

  • Small Groups

  • Sermons

  • School


7. We support Christian education

  • We value our children and your children by investing in their future and eternal success

  • We own and operate an engaging pre-school and an excellent elementary school called East Pasco Adventist Academy (EPAA)

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